Time to start something new

After working on my robot arm, it became obvious I needed to attach it to a mobile platform that would be able to move around and do things. So I decided to build my own platform.

Why not take an existing platform? Well for one, it takes half the fun away! But also it allows me to build something tailored specifically to my needs, or that can be upgraded should those needs change.

As a first step, it seems logical to start with the wheels. To keep things as upgradable as possible, I built separate modules for the motor and the wheel. This allows me to upgrade one module while affecting the others as little as possible.

Here is the motor module:


Motor module

And the wheel module:

Wheel module

Wheel module

They are designed to be assembled together like this:

Motor assembly

Motor assembly

As you can see, I don’t have any encoders. I’ll use back EMF, to control the rotation speed of the wheels, like this:

I’ll post more details on back EMF next time.

For more details on my projects visit: http://www.robidouille.com


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